“Theresa is hard working and diligent in her studies, always going beyond what is required of her. She is well liked by all of her peers and is often the first to help them, being the ‘go to in class expert’ that many of the other students rely on.”

Ian Crook – Senior Lecturer BSc Media Production, UCLan

“During the time Theresa has been with us, she worked on a number of client projects. She has an excellent work ethos and has produced some excellent work for us demonstrating her creativity. She is very reliable, honest & diligent.”

Mike McMurrough – Director, Mac Media Agency

“Theresa exhibits a true and keen willingness to work as part of a team and has made a difference to the group dynamics on many occasions throughout her degree, always for the better. She is trust-worthy and reliable in working with clients and always meets production deadlines.”

Adam Robson – Course Leader BSc Media Production, UCLan